Huge job in record time!

Last week we produced a huge job in record time. It was a 184-page plus cover, perfect bound Souvenir Program for the JCC Maccabi Games. It had to be delivered on time; more then 5,000 people were expecting to receive it at the Opening Ceremonies at the RCC Field House in Suffern, NY. The problem was that the artwork was not ready in the two-week lead time needed for a job like this. In fact, we didn’t receive it until the end of the day on Friday, and just one week before the event was to begin.

After a bumpy start in uploading a huge 300 MB file, we discovered after preflight, there was artwork missing. We quickly called our client and asked him to send it. Once we had everything, we made a hard color proof, hand delivered it that afternoon and sat with the customer while he reviewed it. Sure enough, he found a typo that hadn’t been noticed when the original document was proofread. With a bit of tweaking, we were able to make the change even though we did not have the native files.  We make the plates, put the job on press immediately, then folded it and rushed it to the bindery for perfect binding.

At the bindery, we had a truck driver waiting for the job to be finished. Then he was on his way to the College late on Friday afternoon. Luckily we were able to make arrangements for the conference venue to stay open late to receive the shipment. We had only 72 hours to produce this book! Our client was overjoyed that we made their deadline and loved the way it looked!

I don’t write this to brag about our services (maybe just a little) but to let you know we don’t panic in these situations, not after 35 years in the printing business. We still provide the best service in adverse circumstances.